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Too many quick loans? Calm down, it doesn’t have to be run!

Loan on loan… ..Unpaid invoices for quick loans are in heaps and you tear yourself into despair and wonder how you could be so stupid. One sms loan, became two loans and soon you have borrowed money from almost every lender there was. How the hell do you do now you think. Dig down in a pit and let the Chronicle come? Calm in the storm, don’t give up yet!


Gather your quick loans – sum up – think

quick loans - sum up - think

Start by looking up all the hidden, unpaid invoices. Collect all unpaid bills in a pile and produce the calculator. Summarize the amounts and then think about what it was that made you borrow money from all these sms lenders. How did it all start?

Are you shoppoholic? Gambling addiction? Unemployed? Whatever the reason, you will sometimes reach a limit when it is time to address the problem. That day is today.


An addiction requires care

money loans

Do you have a dependency on money and this is why you borrowed money through all these sms loans then the most important thing is to seek care first and foremost. There is help to get in all areas and people to talk to who can act as support and help in the phase to get out of the addiction. Step 2 is then to get rid of all fast loans and start all over again.


Loose quick loans with collateral loans

Loose quick loans with collateral loans

It may sound horribly idiotic to take out a loan to redeem another loan. Maybe that’s exactly what you did with your sms? It started with one you could not pay the first, so you went and borrowed money from more and more and now you sit there with so many sms that there is no longer any clearing.

Solving an SMS loan with hundreds of% in interest by borrowing money from a lender to let’s say 5% interest is not idiotic if it is the only way out. Before thinking about borrowing money again, you have to go through all possible alternatives.

Try to find a solution

Maybe you should sell some superfluous gadgets? Terminate unused contracts. There are many good programs on other free channels. Can you eat cheaper?

Borrowing from relatives and friends may be an option? Think until your head twitches. If you have gone through all the possible options and the invoice piles are unchanged then it is time to check on a collateral loan. Now it is very important that you really decide that this is the last time you borrow money.

Mortgages can be an alternative

Collateral loans are offered by most large banks. There are also loan intermediaries who have corporate loans. With some, you can borrow money with a note of payment, but that supply is limited. The loan cut has been around for a long time and tested all the market’s loans and knows from experience that these loans work best for “solving fast loans”.